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THE WORLD HUNGER-FIGHTERS FOUNDATION (WHFF) is committed to building a better world where no person should ever go hungry.


Founded and endowed by Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, a globally acclaimed leader in development, internationally recognized for his efforts to transform agriculuture and food security in Africa, the non-profit organization aims to develop an army of youth who will take to agriculture as a business and become champions for ending global hunger. 

Our Vision

The vision of the World Hunger Fighters Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation, is to develop a new generation of young food and agribusiness entrepreneurs to help end global hunger and promote agriculture as a business that unleashes wealth for poor farmers.


While food demand will continue to far exceed global food supplies, the fast pace of Africa's population growth and a rapidly aging population of farmers on the continent, means that the agriculture potential of Africa may be stymied by an acute lack of young people in the food and agriculture business.

The size of the food and agribusiness market in Africa is estimated to be $1 trillion by 2030. Africa has 65% of all the available uncultivated arable land left in the world to feed the world's estimated 9 billion people by 2050. In less than 30 years, Africa will also have the largest population of youth in the world.

Therefore, what Africa does with agriculture will determine the future of food in the world.


Conversely, what it’s youth do in food and agriculture, will also determine Africa's

competitiveness globally.