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The World Hunger Fighters Foundation, in partnership with the World Food Prize Foundation, USA, is establishing the BORLAUG-ADESINA FELLOWSHIP, a year-long Fellowship Program, presenting an unparalleled opportunity to outstanding African youths between the ages of 21 and 30 years old.


The Borlaug-Adesina Fellows will be selected and announced at the annual World Food Prize Dialogues in Iowa, USA. The Fellows will be provided with opportunities to gain exposure and experience at any of the International Agricultural Research Centers around the world, or with a select number of global food and agribusiness companies.

The late Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Dr. Norman Borlaug, whose work helped feed one billion people,
showed the way. He used his Nobel Peace Prize award to set up the World Food Prize Foundation, which annually awards the prestigious World Food Prize, which is otherwise known as the 'Nobel Prize for Food and Agriculture.'

Dr. Akinwumi Adesina  is the 2017 recipient of the World Food Prize; the 2019 SunHak Peace Prize; and the 2007 YARA Prize Laureate. He is a globally acclaimed leader on development, and internationally recognized for driving efforts to transform agriculture and food security in Africa, for more than thirty years. Just like his mentor, Dr. Norman Borlaug, Dr. Adesina has committed his life to ending global hunger and lifting millions of people out of poverty. He has devoted the entirety of his World Food Prize, and SunHak Peace prize monetary awards, to endow and establish The World Hunger Fighters Foundation.


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Applications will be accepted until July 31st 2019

Dr. Norman Borlaug

Dr. Akinwumi Adesina